Nuclear Power Technology

草莓榴莲向日葵18岁注意免费With the complete nuclear industry chain and a series of independently developed G-Ⅲ nuclear power technologies, i.e. Hualong one (HPR1000), ACP600 and SMR (ACP100), we are able to have all-round cooperation with the globe.

Renewable Energy

草莓榴莲向日葵18岁注意免费Focus on the construction of renewable energy projects,featuring solar,wind,tidal and other renewable energies.

Application of Nuclear Technology

Industrial production of isotopes and its products, radiation processing products and services, and radiographic equipment.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Service

草莓榴莲向日葵18岁注意免费For global users, we provide complete nuclear fuel cycle services ranging from uranium exploration to the reprocessing of spent fuel. We are also the sole Chinese nuclear fuel supplier that can produce various types of fuels for VVER, AFA3G, PHWR, CF3, HTGR, AP1000 and other types of reactors.

Nuclear Scientific Research

More than 20 national research institutes, advanced technology R&D platforms and a competent scientific research team.

Nuclear Power

草莓榴莲向日葵18岁注意免费R&D, design, general contracting, engineering, and operation of nuclear power reactors and provide services to world customers.

Nuclear Environmental Protection

草莓榴莲向日葵18岁注意免费Complete decommissioning of nuclear facilities, reprocessing and disposal of radioactive wastes, transportation system for nuclear materials, radiation protection system and emergency response system, ensuring the safe transportation of spent fuel and disposal of radioactive wastes.