Highlights of Major EPC Projects
Algeria Birine Nuclear Research Center (Phase-I ...

草莓榴莲向日葵18岁注意免费The center is the first large turnkey nuclear facility project exported by China. Phase-I includes a heavy water reactor and other associated facilities. Phase-II consists of nine hot cells for post-irradiation examination on fuel elements and material. The reactor nominal capacity is 15MW and the thermal neutron flux rate is 2.4x1014n/cm2.s. It could be used for basic and application research, and also used for radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals production, silicon doping, fuel element and material radiation test, neutron activation analysis, cold neutron research, nuclear instrument scale, etc. Some key techniques were transferred to Algeria and local

Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit-1/2/3/...

Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit-1/2/3/4 witness CZEC’s rich experience of EPC and world class management capacity. C1, the first nuclear power plant exported by China and a milestone of China’s nuclear power going abroad, was praised as an “excellent model” by the Pakistani government. C2, another model of Sino-Pakistan cooperation in science and technology, met its provisional acceptance target 111 days ahead of schedule. At the moment, C3 and C4 are also going well; the project progress, safety, quality and cost are well controlled.

Pakistan Karachi Nuclear Power Plant II and III(...

The Karachi nuclear power plant is currently the largest nuclear power project in Pakistan. Karachi Unit 2 is the world's second HPR1000 demonstration project following Fuqing Unit 5, also the first exported HPR1000.On August 20th, 2015, K2 made its official commencement of construction. At present, the construction of the plant is in full swing.

High Technology Research, Development and Utilization
In-Hospital Neutron Irradiator (IHNI)

Prof. Zhou Yongmao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has developed the framework design of IHNI for maligned cancer treatment by combining boron neutron capture principle with application of miniature reactor, and the original framework design of IHNI project was conferred with patent certificate by China Intellectual Property Rights Bureau. IHNI-1, the first set of In-Hospital Neutron Irradiator in the world to be operated by neurosurgeons specially designed for BNCT malignant tumor treatment, which has been awarded with the First Prize of Science and Technology by China Nuclear Energy Association, was constructed in early 2010. At pres

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor...

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Project is a big international and multilateral science project for developing a Tokamak of self-sustaining combustion and verifying the engineering feasibility and reliability of the thermonuclear reactor. It is the largest international Science and Technology project China participates as a competent equal partner like other members. CNNC-CZEC has participated in the ITER Program.

Domestic and overseas civil projects
Domestic and overseas civil projects

草莓榴莲向日葵18岁注意免费We have undertaken a great number of civil projects both at home and abroad and have made outstanding achievements. YFJD Technology Complex Building (E-01) Project in Chengdu province undertook by CZEC, is awarded the Lotus Cup for its high quality and a reputation as the civilized construction site as well. CZEC has conducted many overseas civil projects, such as University and Residential Project in Algeria, Expressway in Malaysia, and Dike-dam in Brunei. These demonstrate our construction and management capability in civil projects.