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CNNC Released Life-cycle One-stop Solutions for NPPs to the World

草莓榴莲向日葵18岁注意免费Date:2021-11-05 Source: Author:中原對外管理員

  CNNC Nuclear Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Day during Expo 2020 Dubai was held in Shanghai on November 4th, the same day when the 4th China International Import Expo opened. The NPP Operation and Maintenance Day is among the official activities of CNNC during Expo 2020 Dubai. At the meeting, CNNC released life-cycle one-stop solutions for NPPs to the world. Practices and experiences in sustainable development of nuclear energy and NPP operation and maintenance have been exchanged among Chinese and foreign counterparts from Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, Bulgaria and Ukraine.


  "Nuclear energy is highly compatible with the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda adopted at the United Nations, and it has a big role to play in benefiting mankind." Gu Jun, President of CNNC, said in his address. He also stated that China has been committed to enhancing its operation and maintenance capacity of NPP units for excellence. CNNC will continue to take its advantage of boasting a complete nuclear industrial chain to provide global nuclear power customers with "one-stop" solutions ranging from capacity building, nuclear energy supervision, site development, and the investment, construction, operation and maintenance of NPPs. All these efforts will demonstrate China's contribution to the global goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutralization" for a brighter future of green, low-carbon and sustainable development.


  Experts at home and abroad agreed that the importance of power station operation and maintenance will become more prominent as the proportion of clean energy represented by nuclear power continues to increase. Better performance in safety, reliability and operation of NPPs entails the participation of everyone in the nuclear industry.