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The SOLE Exporter Of The Complete Nuclear Industrial Chain in China
The FIRST Overseas Nuclear Project Constructor in China
The LARGEST Overseas Nuclear Project Contractor in China

We are the provider of clean energy, the driver of source fueling sustainable growth, and the contractor to expand China's nuclear power plants abroad.

China Zhongyuan Engineering Corp. (CZEC) was founded on April 25th, 1983. As the overseas nuclear project platform of CNNC (China National Nuclear Corporation), CZEC has grown into the first and largest Chinese overseas nuclear project contractor. The company boasts more than 30 years of overseas nuclear project construction experience and has exported numbers of nuclear power plants. We have gained abundant technical strength and accumulated rich management experience.

草莓榴莲向日葵18岁注意免费Adhering to the principle of “embracing openness and delivering benefits to the world”, we have carried out a raft of collaborative activities with renowned domestic and overseas enterprises and institutions, and generated an integrated global supply chain of resources, offering clients worldwide with an unified solution to nuclear energy with access to flexible financing services. CZEC has been ranked among the top 250 largest international contractors for many years by Engineering News Records (ENR), the most globally authoritative academic magazine in construction filed of America.

The future will witness our endeavors in propelling the evolution of the global nuclear industry, and in contributing to the peaceful use of nuclear energy across the globe.





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